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Reaping the Benefits: Dual CMP-DMCP Certification

Updated: Feb 14

Dual CMP-DMCP Certification

As most meeting professionals can attest, a Destination Management Company is often a crucial part of making an event a success. Acting as a strategic partner to provide creative local experiences, entertainment, and program logistics, your DMC is your first stop for on-the-ground resources and expertise.


Just as the CMP credential is recognized globally as the badge of excellence in the events industry, the Destination Management Certified Professional (DMCP) credential is awarded to individuals who have demonstrated the highest knowledge of best practices in destination management. EIC member ADMEI is a trusted partner in the certification of destination management company professionals and the accreditation of destination management companies.

“The DMCP and CMP are both valuable certifications in the events and meetings industry, and can complement each other in various ways,” says Brian Ferrell, CMP, DMCP, president of factor 110 - Destination Oklahoma. “These designations define our professional competence, credibility, and trust amongst planners, partners, and peers. Both certifications provide the best practices and shared standards that guide our industry and its leaders.”

Owners, CEOs and executives of the most experienced and long-standing Destination Management Companies (DMCs) in existence form the framework of the Association of Destination Management Executives International (ADMEI). To qualify as a candidate for the ADMEI DMCP certification an individual must have experience in the field of Destination Management plus a combination of education and involvement. Accepted candidates must pass a 150-question, multiple-choice exam based on the book, Best Practices in Destination Management.

Julia Trejo, CMP, CIS, DMCP, vice-president of business development for Terramar in Puerto Vallarta says that having this dual certification plays a significant role in her daily business. “I have been able to use the knowledge acquired with both credentials to help new meeting planners with very little experience navigate their first events,” she says. “M­y DMCP credential complemented the services I deliver as a CMP.”


Access New Orleans Managing Director David Rome, CMP, DMCP says his dual certification opens many doors. “When clients see both of my designations, it sparks a conversation, and they are able to appreciate what a DMCP is in relation to a CMP,” he says. “It shows drive and commitment to your job and your industry.”


NOLA DMC Owner and President Meg Baird, CMP, DMCP agrees. “In a fiercely competitive sector, certifications distinguish professionals,” she says. “They validate expertise and dedication to professional development, fostering confidence among clients and employers. This dual certification not only communicates a profound commitment to the industry but also ensures immediate credibility.”



factor 110- Destination Oklahoma, Access New Orleans, NOLA DMC and Terramar are members of ADMEI (Association of Destination Management Executives International). ADMEI is a membership association for Destination Management Companies and is the premier resource for education, standards, and practices within that industry

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